Toppo Lighting 2020 Outward Bound

- Sep 15, 2020 -

To clarify the meaning and purpose of Toppo Lighting's 2020-2022 management reform, starting, running, and leading three stages. And to enrich the spare time of all employees, strengthen the company's team building, improve the spirit of teamwork and cohesion, the company specially organized the outward bound on 11th to 12th Sept.

Through ice-breaking activities and team challenge activities, have been formed the basic values of team members, breaking through themselves and fully experiencing the risk control, try to make impossible to possible. Tangram activities allowed Toppo team to establish effective execution standards, make full use of various resource integration and achieve team goals.

This outward bound has brought a mentality change to the Toppo team, efficient execution, efficient communication to win, build a fighting team and create brilliance together. At the same time, we have seen the cohesion of the team, the strength of the team and the dedication of everyone. We believe that we will be able to unite sincerely and climb the peak in the future work.

outward bound