Signify Achieves Carbon Neutrality And To Double The Positive Impact

- Sep 15, 2020 -

Signify has dedicated to sustainability with several different approaches and now the company proudly announced that it has achieved carbon neutrality for all its operations across the world as well as using 100% renewable electricity.

Signify has reduced its operational emissions by more than 70% since 2010, having shifted to more energy-efficient technologies at its sites, to more sustainable modes of transport and optimized logistics planning, and to less travel in a more sustainable way. It also uses 100% renewable electricity, supported through two power purchase agreements, one in Texas and a second in Poland. The balance of emission reductions is achieved through a carbon offsetting program with projects aimed at benefiting the wellbeing of local communities.

Eric Rondolat, CEO of Signify, said he feels proud to achieve the goal. Meanwhile, the company will be more ambitious and accelerate to address challenges of the world including climate change, resource scarcity and other. He underlined that Signify will go beyond carbon neutrality and double the positive impact on the environment and on society in 2025.

Signify started to implement its new sustainability program and sets course to double its positive impact on the environment and society. Following the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Signify will keep work towards the goals of cutting carbon emission, enhancing circular revenue, supporting health and wellbeing and diversity working environment.