TUV CE, SAA/CB Approved IP65 2D Bulkheads

- Oct 15, 2020 -

Toppo upgraded all the 2D bulkheads to IP65 waterproof one in July 2020, the new series bulkheads are TUV CE, SAA, CB listed. With UV-Anti case suitable for replacing 2D fluorescent, indoor & outdoor stairs / Corridors, Architectural Lighting projects. 

Main Features:

> IP65 rated case 

> Multiple function on EM/MS 

> Best replacement for 2D CCFL 

> Microwave sensor: 0% or 10% 

> 3H EM at 10% lumen output 

> Color : Single color or Tri-color 

Any interests, please contact [email protected] for more information.

ip65 2D bulkhead