Toppo 120DEG SMD3825 Single Batten Light Philips internel Driver with 5 Years Warranty

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LED single batten have the high lumen efficacy.LED single batten lights are complete LED solutions designed to replace 2ft to 6ft T6 and T8 twins batten fittings in commercial and industrial application such as Factory,Warehouse,Supermarket,MTR Station,Airport.We are using Philips Xitaninum driver With 5 Years Warranty.SMD3825 as light source,Smart function including:1-10V dimming\Simple set\DALI\Zigbee.

2017 Hot Sale 120DEG SMD3825 Single Batten Light Philips Internel Driver With 5 Years Warranty

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Toppo Lighting is one of the leading traditional tube fixture led fluorescent replacement? manufacturers and suppliers in China, which is equipped with a productive factory. Welcome to import the newest traditional tube fixture led fluorescent replacement? at competitive price with us. We can also offer you customized service.


1.What’s efficacy about the light ?

The light output of a light source divided by the total electrical power input to that source, expressed in lumens per watt(lm/w).

2.How to explain “lumen output “ ?

The total lumens emitted of a light source, system, or solution.

3.what’s the meaning of “Beam Angle “?

The spread of light from a luminaire. For example: a fitting such as a low bay ,which is closer to the floor,will have a wider beam angle to illuminate a given floor area while a high bay fitting will have a narrower beam.

4.what’s the payment methods you can accept ?

We can only use T/T. The bank information will be written in the PI. We can’t use Western Union and Paypa

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