The Importance Of Good Quality Lighting Whilst Saving Energy

- Jun 03, 2017 -

The importance of good quality lighting whilst saving energy

Energy Efficiency

For more than 100 years the lighting industry has been improving the energy efficiency of lighting products. With the adoption of LED technology and the use of lighting controls the energy efficiency of lighting systems is increasing even further.

Energy Efficiency or Well-being?

Whilst saving energy is very important for the environment, we should not forget the importance of addressing human comfort, well-being and task performance, via good quality lighting.

There are few if no mandatory requirements for the provision of minimum light quality and most that do exist are negative criteria, i.e. the absence of discomfort does not imply the presence of comfort. However there are an increasing number of mandatory energy efficiency requirements, creating a serious possibility that lighting will be dimmed or switched off. Creating dim or dark spaces will decrease safety, security and comfort in outdoor applications, and reduce productivity, performance, health and well-being within indoor spaces. This has to be unacceptable.

Energy Efficiency and Well-being!

Energy efficiency, safety, health and well-being of people are all of importance, and they can be achieved at the same time with the right regulation. The European CEN/TC169 organization has issued over many years a number of Application Norms with minimum recommendations for light quality for various applications, which already provide proper guidance.

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