LED The Following Matters To The Silver Support Package Once Opened

- Sep 09, 2016 -

A, do not use bare-handed contact support. Bare-handed contact support, sweat will be attached to the bracket tables, follow store or baking will be accelerated oxidation and support matrix stent coating color rust oxidation, if bare-handed contact supports the Ribbon, its very poor weld line effects;

B, work environment should be to maintain constant control ℃, relative humidity, operating environment should remain constant, controlled at 25 ℃, relative humidity <65% to prevent stent oxide rust;

C, at a great temperature difference between day and night time, you should try to reduce the flow of air in the working environment, time brackets should be used for the job containing box, box with seal protection;

D, LED bracket in the oven, in the maintenance of the oven running, the exhaust bracket in the oven as far as possible, kept open;

E, in the cold season, to try to reduce the storage time of stents in the process, when the ambient temperature is low, low atmospheric pressure at the same time, the air pollution index is high, when the ambient temperature is low, daily emissions from hard to distribute, and easily react with silver lead color.

F, finished packaging products should be handled Tin as soon as possible (including plated products), or easy, oxidation of lead foot occurs, resulting in defects and bad solder up oxidation of lead foot, led to the appearance of bad and bad solder;

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