Global Demand For LED Filament Light Bulbs Growing Fast ​

- Jun 06, 2017 -

Global demand for LED filament light bulbs growing fast

Global demand for LED filament light bulbs, which are styled to look like traditional incandescent light bulbs, has increased from over 70 million units in 2015 to 250 million units in 2016 and further to an estimated 400-500 million units in 2017, according to industry sources.

The fast growing demand is possibly because many countries, such as the US, Canada and Australia, have ended sales of incandescent light bulbs and China has prohibited production and sale of 60W and above incandescent bulbs, the sources said.

MLS, the largest China-based LED packaging service provider, will invest CNY1.287 billion (US$187 million) to set up a factory with annual production capacity of 230 million LED filament light bulbs in eastern China, the sources noted.

Epistar, the largest Taiwan-based LED packaging service provider, has licensed patents regarding LED filament lighting to China-based LED lighting makers Leedarson Lighting and Foshan Lighting and Hong Kong-based one Super Trend Lighting, the sources indicated.

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