Accelerated Layout Of Intelligent Lighting

- Sep 12, 2018 -

Accelerated layout of intelligent lighting

In recent years, driven by intelligent, automated high-tech, the smart home industry has entered a period of rapid development. Among them, the intelligent lighting industry has shown a rapid development trend, and the future prospects are widely optimistic.

According to relevant data reports, in 2013, the global smart lighting market industry scale exceeded 5.7 billion US dollars. Among them, the market size of lamps and related accessories exceeded US$1.2 billion; in 2015, the global smart lighting market reached US$7.83 billion; by 2016, the market size increased by 34.79% to 105.5%. The global smart lighting market is expected to reach $14.78 billion in 2018. According to the current development momentum, it is predicted that by 2020, it will reach 24.341 billion US dollars, of which the market size of lamps and related accessories is about 8.71 billion US dollars, accounting for more than 5%, and the compound annual growth rate is over 20%. The global smart lighting industry will usher in new development opportunities, the market scale will continue to expand, and the growth rate will continue to accelerate. Such opportunities for development have led to competition for enterprises, and giants such as Huawei and Yannuo are making efforts to develop smart lighting.

Huawei released three smart lighting products, unveiled the Ark Lab

On June 22nd, at the global partner and developer conference of Huawei's consumer business, a brand new smart home brand was launched: Huawei's smart selection. Just two months later, Huawei's smart selection was strong and it launched three in one breath. Smart eco-single items: Huawei's intelligent reading and reading table lamp, Huawei's smart selection of full-color light bulbs, and Huawei's smart selection of aromatherapy sleep lamps.

Huawei intelligent reading and writing desk lamp

Among them, Huawei's intelligent reading and reading table lamp is an AA-class eye protection table lamp, and the illuminance can reach 250 or more in the range of 50 cm or more. However, more than 95% of the lamps on the market are Class A, and the illuminance is relatively low, which is actually more eye-catching. Similarly, there is still a problem with many lamps on the market. There are high-energy, short-wave blue light. Long-term use will damage the retina, while Huawei's intelligent reading and reading table lamp is low blue light. In professional terms, "at 200mm (0.011 radians measurement) The blue light hazard category does not exceed RG1", which can maximize the role of eye protection.

Huawei's intelligent selection of full-color bulbs can extend the life of the product for more than 10 years, which is very remarkable. The traditional LED bulbs have a lifespan of only 3 years, which stems from the fact that they mostly use a 4-layer structure, LED chips, plus PCB plus heat sink and aluminum substrate. The LED heat is very high. When it is hot, the PCB will be deformed and the glue will crack. Therefore, when the LED chip is not broken, the other parts have been broken, resulting in a short product life. . However, Huawei's all-color bulbs are made of all-ceramic. There is no PCB, no heat-dissipating glue, no aluminum substrate, so its overall expansion coefficient causes the life of the entire bulb to depend on the LED chip, which can make the product life much longer than the market. other products.

Huawei Smart Choice Aromatherapy Sleep Light

Huawei's smart choice of aromatherapy sleep light uses water lily light, the official said that it can stimulate the formation of melanin in the human body. The product also has a 2.4MHz ultrasonic humidifier function with an operating noise of less than 30dB. Supports up to 16 million color adjustments.

Huawei's choice of full color light bulbs

Huawei's smart selection of full-color bulbs is designed in collaboration with Shanghai Sansi. It supports 17 scenes to switch freely, free to adjust the temperature of the cold and warm colors, and all ceramic materials, and the service life can exceed 10 years.

The three intelligent lighting products selected by Huawei are a good interpretation of the scene experience. Huawei's intelligent reading and writing desk lamps are mainly used for reading and writing work scenes; Huawei's choice of full-color bulbs has 17 scenes such as fairy tale dreams, aurora romance, melancholy listening to the sea, bar suede, blessing and birthday, and can customize the scene themselves; Huawei's intelligently selected aromatherapy sleep light is mainly used for sleeping scenes. The original water lily color, ultrasonic humidification and aromatherapy can all help sleep. In this way, a product that is completely customized based on the user's scenario experience can bring a true smart life experience.

“The most suitable lighting solution can be provided according to different life scenarios. It is one of the biggest changes in intelligent home lighting products compared to the previous general lighting products.” Huawei’s general manager of BG smart home field, Sui Wei, told reporters. Another feature of intelligent home lighting products is that they can automatically provide consumers with lighting solutions that maximize vision and health according to different life scenarios.

At the meeting, Huawei Ark Lab was unveiled. According to reports, Huawei's Ark program includes three aspects, including "HiLink" is an open smart home interactive platform, "Huawei Smart Choice" is a smart hardware brand, used to integrate resources, create a terminal ecosystem, emphasizing brand, quality, experience The three major connotations, and "Ark Lab" carries the entire process of brand interaction, product development, such as the joint release of intelligent lighting new products, Op Lighting, Shanghai Sansi.

Huawei "Ark Lab" unveiled

Shao Yang, chief strategy officer of Huawei's consumer business, said that in order to provide better communication platforms for hardware manufacturers, service providers, component suppliers, marketing service providers and other partners, Huawei has built the Ark Lab at the base. It is itself a carrier of integration of software, hardware and services in the consumer sector. It is committed to upgrading Huawei's single product incubation, scene innovation, store display and home experience, and ultimately to achieve the best home appliances with the best mobile phones.

Unlike Hue's more popular smart light bulbs, Adore bathroom mirrors need to be installed and connected directly to the wall as a unit. Crucial to the bathroom mirror, the Adore bathroom is IP44 rated, waterproof and dustproof, which is critical for things close to the shower and above the sink.

Adore bathroom mirrors offer only adjustable white light that can be adjusted from cooler white to warmer white. Philips has listed Adore bathroom lighting mirrors on its website, but it currently shows out of stock and does not show prices. But according to speculation, it will be listed soon.

In addition, a few days ago, Philips Hue Holland site showed a waterproof outdoor LightStrip smart light strip for outdoor design.

It is also known that UIOT smart home and Yannuofei (formerly Philips Lighting) reached a strategic cooperation, UIOT smart home CEO Ye Long and Yan Nuofei, the general manager of consumer lighting channels in China, signed an agreement on behalf of both parties.

UIOT Smart Home and Yannuofei (formerly known as Philips Lighting) have agreed to jointly carry out market promotion and promotion activities, promote all-round cooperation in product, channel marketing and customer service, and jointly promote the continuous development of strategic cooperation.

Philips "show" personalized intelligent lighting system will also be equipped with UIOT smart home mature offline sales network, and settled in UIOT nationwide 20 direct stores (all located in Hongxing Meikailong, actually home and moonstar stores and other large high-end building materials stores And 170 high-end franchise stores to provide consumers with a smart life experience channel at their fingertips.

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